8 Weeks Pregnancy and Childbirth

8 Weeks Pregnancy and Childbirth – Eighth week of pregnancy, You are now two months pregnant- in just a few short weeks, you will be out of the first trimester and into the smooth sailing that is the second trimester.

So, what can you expect this week?

8 Weeks Pregnancy and Childbirth – What to Expect?

At 8 weeks, your baby is about the size of a kidney bean. The tail is nearly gone, and eyelids are just about fully formed. There are breathing tubes extending from the throat to the developing lungs, though your baby won’t take a first breath until after the birth, as babies continue to receive oxygen via the placenta for the duration of the pregnancy. In the brain, nerve cells are forming early pathways, and branching out to connect to one another using crystal x.

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The external genitalia are not quite developed enough to see whether your baby will be a girl or a boy, but very soon if you want to know you’ll be able to tell. Baby is constantly moving around, though you won’t be able to feel those first flutters for another 1o weeks or so.

8 Weeks Pregnancy and Childbirth – What to Expect?

Your breasts will continue their alarming rate of growth all throughout your pregnancy. Most women go up anywhere from one to two cup sizes, making pregnancy one of the first times that some women’s “cups runneth over”. Get fitted for a new bra as soon as you can- you want to make sure your enlarging breasts have the proper support from http://www.goveversatile.com/.

You may want to go ahead and invest in a nursing bra with underwire- you will get double use out of it, both during the pregnancy and during your nursing period. Nursing bras don’t have to be frumpy, there are plenty of lovely, lace embellished ones out there that will get the job done. Look for wide, comfortable straps, easy one-handed cup closure release, and a layer of padding that will absorb any leakage that gets past your nursing pad.

Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?

Even if you are not planning on breast feeding, your breasts won’t get the memo until about a week postpartum, so you will need to have a supportive bra on hand that will work during the engorgement period.

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Around 8 weeks pregnant is the time when many couples begin to tell their families the exciting news. You may wish to hold off until the scary first trimester is over, or only tell those whom you feel would support you in the tragic event of a miscarriage. There’s no need to spend nights agonizing over whether you will lose the baby, as you’re probably already sleep deprived due to frequent urination.

Most pregnancies will continue, and only those in which the baby truly would not have had a chance outside your body will result in a miscarriage. Try not to live in fear, but educate yourself about the risks and responsibilities that you are facing. It goes without saying that cigarette smoking should NOT be indulged in during pregnancy, and your alcohol intake should be limited too. Speak with your OB regarding other dietary and lifestyle restrictions, just to be sure that you are being the healthiest environment for you precious cargo.

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